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Red moo

Black, white & Red

Hi! I'm Red Moo & I'm an imaginary brand! I exist to show you the power of black, white and red!
Guess my style is 'grunge meets flat design'.

THIS IS SO RED (Keep on scrolling)

Since I'm an imaginary brand, we might as well assign me to a product, like... 


Red moo 

Red Moo Skateboards!  are seriously the best out there! 

STill RED (still scrolling)

 the colour red!  is seriously the most powerfulul of all! 
Ok, let's get into this colour scheme! Red is agressive they say. Well if I were a bull instead of a cow, I could show you true red related agression.
But why red? When not used too much, red is very persuasive! It is the most powerful colour in expressing emotions and it is a great attention grabber! But it only works when used moderately!

You thought this would be red?! (keep scrolling)

Red moo 


Don't you just wish red moo seriously was a real brand! 

order yours today! 

this can't be a black strip! (scroll!)

 so what about black & white?  what are their strong points? 
Black as a background colour lends itself as a perfect contrast to bright colours, particulary red. But to make red stand out, you need a more neutral colour for everything else. That is where white comes in. 
White can be used for the bulk of the texts and red for those few words you want to put the focus on. Black as a background, makes both nice and clear and jump from the page!

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